One of the segments in the book UFOs & Aliens is based on an interview Micah Hanks had with a former Army security officer named ʺStevenʺ. While stationed on Johnston Atoll in 1988, he and several hundred witnesses observed a gigantic circular UFO that appeared and hovered directly overhead just before dawn on a morning in July of that year. Then, as the sun broke over the horizon, the gigantic UFO simply vanished. Steven suspects that what he and the others on the island (including a retired two‐star general) witnessed was an extraterrestrial craft experiencing some kind of malfunction that allowed them to see it hovering over them for a short period of time. This event remains one of the top three most incredible UFO stories! Micah Hanks has been featured as a guest on many television and radio programs, including History Channel’s Guts and Bolts, Travel Channel’s Weird Travels, CNN Radio, and The Jeff Rense Program.

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