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Have you ever woken up baffled by dreams you had the night before? Respected dream analyst and intuition expert Gillian Holloway can help you navigate your dreams and pinpoint their meanings with her renowned 5-step approach. Unlike dream dictionaries that merely define symbols, 5 Steps to Decode Your Dreams provides you with a method you can use to uncover how powerful your dreams truly are, and how you can positively apply the messages in your dreams to your everyday life. The book is designed as a quick guide, but a fairly proven one, for students and newcomers to dream studies. It has been used, in part, by teachers in universities and high schools. It teaches people how to ask questions of themselves and others, how to think symbolically, and explains why dreams tend to have certain qualities that are so puzzling. Gillian Holloway has a PhD in psychology and has been working with dream analysis for more than 20 years. She teaches college courses in Dream Psychology, Nightmares, and Intuition at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon. www.lifetreks.com

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