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Have you ever wondered if angels are real, where they are, and what they do? In the new book, Angel Talk – Five Easy Steps for Connecting with Your Angels by Barbara Gulbranson, you may learn who angels are, how they help you and the five easy steps for connecting with these celestial friends through the enlightening ANGEL Talk Program. You’ll find uplifting true stories from people who have had remarkable angel encounters and received life-changing messages from their guardian angels. You’ll ascertain how angels help people in healing their physical bodies, living their life’s dreams, averting danger, creating loving relationships and following divine guidance. In this spiritual book, Barbara reveals the extraordinary ANGEL Talk Program and gives clear, step-by-step instructions that will help you see, hear, feel and know your angels. Barbara has appeared on “WFLA’s Daytime TV”. She has also been featured in publications such as South Bend Tribune and The St. Petersburg Times. www.liveyourjoy.org more than 20 years. She teaches college courses in Dream Psychology, Nightmares, and Intuition at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon. www.lifetreks.com

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