Talk Radio Show Exploring the Spiritual and Scientific Universe.

The shows explore spirituality, cosmology, consciousness, healthcare, clairvoyance, religion, past lives, energy, relationships, science, the environment, and practically everything else! The talk radio shows are available on YouTube and BlogTalkRadio

The Trinity Secret with Marie Jones

The Trinity Secret with Marie Jones  Listen Now

Millions of people recognize the Holy Trinity, but few understand that the concept behind it is not limited to a single religion or belief system. What if the Trinity were an ancient code, a formula, a secret so simple yet…

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Nostradamus with Peter Lemesurier

Nostradamus with Peter Lemesurier  Listen Now

Do you think of Nostradamus, the famous 16th century “Prophet of Provence,” as some kind of astrologer or mystical clairvoyant? If so, then the revelations contained in the new book Nostradamus Bibliomancer may come as a shock to you! Peter Lemesurier claims…

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The Poltergeist Phenomenon with Michael Clarkson

The Poltergeist Phenomenon with Michael Clarkson  Listen Now

According to Michael Clarkson a poltergeist is defined as a disturbance or energy with bizarre physical effects of paranormal origin that suggest mischievous or destructive intent, such as breaking or moving objects and loud knocks or noises. Reviewing 75 cases and…

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2012 & Hyper-Dimensional Physics with Mike Bara

2012 & Hyper-Dimensional Physics with Mike Bara  Listen Now

There is an underlying physics, not related to Einstein or quantum mechanics, that drives shifts in consciousness according to New York Times Bestselling author, screenwriter, and lecturer Mike Bara! In his latest book titled The Choice, Mike Bara discusses his hyper-dimensional…

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The NASA Conspiracies with Nick Redfern

The NASA Conspiracies with Nick Redfern  Listen Now

Nick Redfern, author of the book, The NASA Conspiracies, reveals a different viewpoint of the space agency in that behind the open face of NASA, there is a mysterious and darker side to the agency.  According to author, lecturer, and journalist…

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Shared Death Experiences with Dr. Raymond Moody

Shared Death Experiences with Dr. Raymond Moody  Listen Now

Dr. Raymond Moody, author of the multimillion copy best-seller, Life After Life, reveals new results from his lifelong investigation of what happens when we die in the new book Glimpses of Eternity. His first book revolutionized the way we think about death. Stories…

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The Impacts Dynamic with Dickey Eason

The Impacts Dynamic with Dickey Eason  Listen Now

Understand the simple hydrogen atom with its one proton and one electron and you understand human civilization according to author Dickey Eason. In his book The IMPACTS Dynamic he creates a totally different view of the development of modern humans, beginning with…

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A Manual for Living with Seth Chernoff

A Manual for Living with Seth Chernoff  Listen Now

By facing death as a two-time cancer survivor, Seth David Chernoff learned to experience the fullness of life. In his award-winning new book, A Manual for Living: Reality, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life, he offers straightforward guidance for…

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UFO Crashes with Kevin D. Randle Ph.D.

UFO Crashes with Kevin D. Randle Ph.D.  Listen Now

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin D. Randle (ret.), is considered one of the foremost experts on UFOs. As a decorated combat veteran, who has served with both the U.S. Army and Air Force, he was exposed to the UFO phenomena for more…

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The Mindfulness Code with Donald Altman

The Mindfulness Code with Donald Altman  Listen Now

The price we pay for today’s fast-paced life is often stress, anxiety, and depression. Drawing on ancient wisdom Donald Altman embraces practical and everyday techniques for experiencing a less encumbered and entangled state of being in his new book The Mindfulness…

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