The Growth of Alternative Religious & Spiritual Followings

By Sandy Andrew



In the mainstream media these days we are hearing more about alternative religious and spiritual beliefs such as: Scientology, Kabbalah, New Age, and Paganism for example. What is the reason for the growth of these and other alternative religious and spiritual followings?

The Information Age

The 20th century gave birth to the global information age. Human beings started to have access to knowledge through books, newspapers, radio, and television for example. Towards the end of the last century the internet brought an unprecedented amount of information to all who had access to a PC with an internet service provider.

Finally, humanity now had information available at a moment’s notice; as opposed to relying and trusting the local and state media for the information which may have been filtered, distorted, or even excluded from the people. A few nations in the world restrict their citizen’s access to internet content. Why is this restriction so? I would surmise that nations that wish to control the actions of their citizens partly do so by limiting their knowledge.

As a result of the “information age” people are becoming more aware of other races, cultures, spiritual and religious philosophies both past and present here on Earth.

The New Awareness

The level of awareness not only of Earth life but of the Universe itself is increasing amongst the people. Recall in times gone by if you dared to imply that Earth was round in shape, or not the center of the universe, you may have been found guilty of heresy (having a different view to orthodox doctrine) and dealt with harshly or even killed. These days such actions and behavior towards these logical scientific statements would seem absurd and evil.

There are trillions upon trillions of stars in this galactic living dimension. Some may have planetary bodies that contain life and some may not. Now do you really think they all worship the current Earth religions too?

We are part of a transcendent universe; many people are now turning to this way of thinking and the media attention that the alternative religions and philosophies attract only heightens the level of people's awareness of such alternative subjects. People are more educated now than ever. Not just limited for the entitled minority anymore, education and knowledge is spreading rapidly for all the people on Earth. Once you “wet” the appetite for knowledge there is no stopping it.

The Right to Choose

The “information age” and “new awareness” has led to many people starting to examine what they have always been told. People are starting to question organizations or governments that state, “Believe and behave this way or else, may happen to you!”
Why do they say such like this?

Any person who threatens another into submitting their free will and their loyalty to a religious or spiritual faith is ultimately false and nothing more that an oppressor. Those governments and organizations that deny the people of Earth access to public knowledge are also false. As history has shown us, when you threaten a person or a nation to submit a religious and/or philosophical beliefs violent conflict erupts: and it always will.

The “information age” and “new awareness” has led to the growth of alternative religious and spiritual followings. The religious oppression of the people worldwide is being lifted and the freedom of knowledge is now with us. Every person on planet Earth should have the right to choose their own religious and philosophical belief, and should be left in peace to pursue such providing they physically harm no other.

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