Meditation & Affirmations

By Sandy Andrew



What is Meditating?

Meditation is a physical practice that involves achieving a state in which the body can be more relaxed and your thinking can become calmer and focused. Every able bodied male and female in the world can practice this ancient human practice.

What can Meditation do for me?

Meditation will allow you to start thinking clearer and calmer in everyday life. We cram so many activities into our daily lives that it may appear impossible to find time to meditate; but wouldn’t you rather tackle all your tasks in a logical productive manner? Feel calm and in control at work and at home? By meditating you connect with your true self. You become aware of the real priorities and what really matters for you during your lifetime on Earth. The road to fulfillment in life—which money can never buy—is much easier when you find yourself and your path. Benefits of meditating can include:

  • decrease stress
  • decrease fear and anxiety
  • decrease negative emotional energy
  • relaxation
  • promote clear and calm thinking
  • increase positive emotional energy
  • physical and mental health improvements
  • achievement of life’s goals
How do I Meditate?

Some readers may be regular users of meditation and other relaxation techniques. If you’re a beginner and would like to start opening your mind by practicing regular meditation and have no clear idea of how to start practicing basic meditation, then try the following simple exercise to start opening your awareness:

  1. Find a quite spot in your place of dwelling where you will be undisturbed for a while. Sit down in a chair or other item of furniture that allows you to be comfortable, and make sure your spine is fairly straight.
  2. Once you are positioned and comfortable, loosely focus your vision on a spot in front of you, relax, and allow your mind to quiet down. Breathe slowly and fully without forcing anything. Just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Remember to keep your thoughts as still as you can.
  3. Now, while you are enjoying the quietness, breathing at a regular pace, and feeling more relaxed, you can close your eyes. Remember to keep breathing at the same pace and keep your mind quiet. Thoughts may come and go, but be loosely focused on just breathing and achieving a quiet state of mind. Try to keep this peaceful state of mind for at least 15-30 minutes and when you are ready to finish, take two or three deep breaths and slowly open your eyes. When you feel alert and focused, you can return to your normal daily activities.

The above exercise is a simple meditation technique that enables you to feel relaxed, calm, and refreshed. Regular meditation starts to open the energy within and around you. Achieving the flow of energy through you is most beneficial, as energy is the endless life force of this entire universe.

What is an Affirmation?

A positive thought or statement affirming a desired goal to be achieved. What can Affirmations do for me? Affirmations can dramatically transform a person's life. By stating affirmations you're consciously and subconsciously creating the desired state by utilizing universal energy to manifest the goal. Examples of affirmations are:

  • a new job
  • a new house
  • loving relationships
  • financial well being
  • health
 How do I do Affirmations?

Once you start meditating on a regular basis you can start doing some simple affirmations near the end of each meditation. Why near the end? Typically by the end of a 15 minute meditation you will be relaxed and the energy of the universe will be flowing through you. Affirmations are positive declarations you are making to your higher mind which in turn will affect your conscious life. Here are some simple affirmations to get you started. Say each of the affirmations three times aloud to yourself just before you end your meditation:

  • I am now at peace with myself, and I open my mind to the energy of the universe
  • I am now more energetic, healthier, and positive in my life
  • I am now tuning into my higher purpose in my lifetime
  • I am now manifesting those things that will benefit me in my lifetime

These simple affirmations will start to increase your awareness of the power of visualization and positive thinking and will embark you on a journey of enlightenment. You may not notice the results the next day, but look back a month from now and ask yourself if you feel better about things in your life.

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